Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Over the past four years, I've been dating this guy on and off, and we've only had sex about three times, all of which have been when I was drunk. I always try everything i can to seduce him, but he wont sleep with me when I'm sober. He is a total FA, and is attracted to me, but he just won't be intimate with me. I spend a lot of time sleeping over at his house, and sleeping in the same bed, but it never goes past cuddling. Whenever I try to address the problem outside of the bedroom, he shuts me out and will ignore me for weeks. Other than sex, I've had a real connection with this guy, but I can't see moving any farther with him if I can't get any! Do you know why he would act this way, or how i should go about it?

The three times you had sex were when you were drunk? It would be more consistent with his shyness and refusal if it was he only loosened up when he was wasted, which as you and I both know, is the mating call of the closeted FA.

I guess there's too many holes here to plug for me to give you a definitive answer, but here are the questions: what makes you sure he's a "total FA" and attracted to you? Has he successfully had sex more than three drunk times with other girls (fat or thin)? Was anything else different about the circumstances where you were drunk? And what excuses does he give when you're trying to seduce him?

Here's what it sounds like to me: any guy who ignores you for weeks if you confront him, leads you on and only has sex with you when you're drunk is a type-A asshole. Even if he began fucking you regularly and happily, this terrible communicator does not sound like a prize.

If you sleep over that often and you really want an answer, he deserves to be confronted straight up: "Have you ever noticed we've only had sex when I was drunk? Why won't you take my come-ons seriously when I'm not? I want you to tell me if I'm wasting my time."

But I'll answer that last one for you: yes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How big is your girlfriend, and do you love everything ELSE about her, as well? ;-)

Big enough to know better than to date someone who doesn't love everything else about her.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Honest question, I found this blog via a website for guys who like fat chicks, so why would I have to ask you a question about liking fat chicks?

Some dudes have less (or different) experience than others. Some are in the closet. Some want to go back in the closet. Some are dealing with a tough situation with a fat girl who hates herself or wants to lose weight. Some dudes are cool around thin girls and their friends but go to a BBW event and get awkward or anxious.

That's just off the top of my head what kind of advice just other straight male FAs might want to ask for. If you're cool and confident and you don't need the advice you might just want to read it or comment? I mean who knows, maybe someone will ask what girls I recommend masturbating to?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What were you doing during your break from your blog?

Paid writing, eating Malaysian, fucking my girlfriend.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As a guy who's not especially attracted to BBWs (I'm attracted to all kinds), I'm curious to see if FAs are exclusively attracted to BBWs and nobody else or if you are attracted to thinner girls too?


Very occasionally I spy a gorgeous one, but they don't really stand out to me in terms of physical attraction unless they're ultra-voluptuous or uniquely shaped. I'd imagine if I was inclined to date one she would fall into one of those categories. That said, having saturated myself with fat-fat-fat for over a very horny decade I do "notice" thin girls now more than I ever did. Chalk it up to getting boring in my old age.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Do the people in your life disapprove of you dating fat girls? How do you deal with the criticism?

No one I deal with on a regular basis at the age of 25 gives me shit, really. But I'm kind of in a bubble; I think my reputation precedes me by now (unfathomable to me ten years ago, when I was terrified people would "find out" and "use it against me"). Friends joke, occasionally a newb doesn't believe me--been accused of making it all up out of "low self-esteem" and my favorite, "just trying to be different" (cuffs please!). But for the most part, if anyone's thinking truly impolite thoughts, they're not talking. If they did, I'd probably "deal with the criticism" by not having my brain, heart and dick reprogrammed by crowdsourcing and continuing to exist as I am. Maybe when I get older people will start giving me the "she's gonna die" spiel, as much of the Western world feels is their moral mission.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is the biggest/heaviest woman you have been with and did you have difficulty making love to her?

-Kelly Kyle

She was over 500 lbs and I don't recall any difficulty. I've had difficulty with women smaller than that, though.

Lots of not just physical but mental stuff factors into the so-called "difficulty" of fat sex besides size: shape, experience, well- or not-well-exercised muscles, flexibility, creativity...though anyone who's ever had a fat girl on top could probably attest that they seem to gain 300 lbs. immediately afterward.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm a girlfriend of an FA. I came across his porn collection a while ago, and saw that he has pictures of girls who are barely chubby, to really fat. My weight's in the 200s and I'm feeling a bit insecure. Any words of advice?


No one but the superrich has the time, money, social situation, luck, callousness and/or charisma required to make all their fantasies come true. And even the fantasies of the superrich are often forced into the closet to protect the fortune that rests on his/her image.

What I'm saying is, if I have a thing for huge-breasted black girls and I have a thing for pear-shaped white girls, and I'm a strict monogamist, if I end up dating one of those kinds of girls, the other fantasy is going to remain a fantasy. I'm going to jag more often to the kind I can't have, right?

While there are plenty of guys who will only date (or masturbate) to one kind of person, and a decidedly smaller amount of guys who will only masturbate to images of their own partner, I think logic states that if someone already has something great going, it leaves the realm of fantasy, becomes a reality, and they're going to spend their fantasy time with something else instead, because the reality (i.e. access to your sexy self) is now inevitable.

Words of advice? Don't worry about it. And as a human whose body, like all of ours, is always changing, be thankful that he appears to enjoy ladies of all different sizes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An ex (let's call him evil ex) told me once that sex with me was "great but not as good as it would be...." I asked, "why" and he explained that he couldn't always get all of the way in because of my fat... that regardless of position he just felt like he wasn't getting enough contact, I guess... I didn't probe more and it has pretty much warped me. I've not been in a long term sexual relationship since then... and that's been about 7 years since we last were together and 8 years since he told me that little factoid. Any info?

Not getting in all the way should be a problem for you, not him, if he knows what to do with a wet penis. Anyway, you regard him as "evil," so don't take your cues from this piece of shit, especially not eight years later. He had issues with your body, someone else will not. Start looking, by all means, and don't quit until you find someone who's sexually compatible.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My boyfriend likes fat chicks. Very fat chicks. I'm fat, but I'm still much smaller than most girls he's dated (I am about 200 lbs smaller than some of his exes). He's into me physically, but should I be worried that he'll get bored of my size?

On the contrary, I'd say you're in good hands seeing how unlike others in this situation he's actually dated the girls you're worried are his ideal. Without knowing much more, like about how long you've dated (re: if you're his rebound from another relationship), I think it's safe to assume he's experienced size across the board and picked you over someone else. It's possible he still digs the huge gals but maybe has developed less patience for the lifestyle a supersized girlfriend requires, but these are 'what if's. Unless you have a good reason to believe otherwise, if he's dating you, he's into you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My esteemed colleague in chub lovin’, Is it fair to assume that foreign FAs are drawn to America because of the higher concentration of larger ladies and that fact that numerous webmodels reside there?


Probably, though take my word for it that Canada is an underrated province of gorgeous fat girls. America may have more of them but America's also more stigmatized with hate and fear; you're lucky if one in five American fat girls is comfortable or confident about her body (or willing to dress it in a way wherein attractiveness doesn't equal modesty). In fact, you're lucky if any American girl is comfortable or confident about her body.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I like fat chicks too, and I've dated several, ranging from barely chubby to over 400 pounds. However, even among those who consider themselves BBW, I've yet to meet one who was really confident or comfortable with herself. Why do you suppose it is that some women who are knee-deep in fat acceptance culture STILL don't really accept their bodies?

-Studly Bo

Because fat acceptance culture isn't the culture at large. In the real world, it sucks to be fat, and no one, not even thin people, have nerves of steel. Fat acceptance culture is great for letting people know there's an option of acceptance, that there are people besides your own self-confidence who will validate your beauty, that there are men and women who are physically attracted to you or desire your body type. Sadly that only goes so far.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How much does fat distribution play into your attraction to fat girls? (i.e. are you into it for the big tits or big asses)


As long as it looks good really. I "discovered" what I was into while looking for progressively bigger and bigger tits online at 12 or 13. Then realized I wanted to see everything big, not just tits. At first (and I think this is true of many FAs) I wanted everything on ideal fat girl bodies to be "perfect," like that big bellies had to be solid, perfect spheres. But over the years my idea of perfection shifted; all the "nuances" of fat girls fit into my mind's logic of attractiveness - that more conventional curves were only logically supplemented by double chins, elbow dimples, hanging stuff. Fat bodies are so unique, in texture, softness, shape - I'm not sure guys into thin girls contend daily with puzzles like double vs. single bellies. The nice thing about this is some girls have big everything (which looks great) and some girls are only big in one or two places, which are accentuated by her being smaller elsewhere (which also looks great). Right now I'm obsessed with my girlfriend's big thighs. Tomorrow I might zero in on something else.