Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why are big girls expected to be okay and HAPPY to use their weight during sex, such as facesitting and squashing? Speaking for myself, I'd prefer the kind of sex that would be asked of me if I were skinny.


Then you should lose the weight, Lyric, because you're in for a bummer of a life. Fat sex is had with fat bodies. Those qualities that make you fundamentally different from thinnies are what attract chubby chasers to you in the first place. If thinsex is what you seek...the extra flexibility or a partner who can lift you up and fuck you against a wall, you want to slim down. Big girls are expected to be happy at anything, not just sex, because only perverts want to fuck someone who isn't confident. Your weight is what you have so, at least for the time being, you should use it. Thin people do facesitting too, you know. If you don't want to squash, you should find a more dominant partner, as squashees are usually submissive and want that ultra-confident goddess type to pummel them with her weight and physical power. If you don't decide to lose the weight, you're stuck with what you got, and since any fat admirers you'll be fucking will love it, you might as well learn to as well. Find creative ways to use those crevices and wobbly bits, enjoy the uniqueness of it. Guys with small dicks wish they could have sex like guys with big dicks, you know? At least you're afforded the gym option.


  1. This response doesn't really move us forward, too bogged down by back-patting cute, I-write-for-the-laughs rhetoric. And to weight so much on the lose it if you don't use it shit? You know better.

    My real point, however, is that not all men (or any of us) attracted to fat are into squashing, face-sitting, or wobbly bits sex. It's true! I hate the idea of chubby lovers new to the game reading this and saying, ah, well, guess that's not for me. Just 'cause it's your cup of tea don't mean it's everyone's.

    To Lyric, I'd say try it if you haven't just to see for sure what's up, but I wouldn't be as shocked as Ask a Guy if your partner says, "meh, let's do it the old fashioned way, fatty."

    In so many words.

  2. This entry is pretty literal, actually.

    Sure, you don't HAVE to do these things, but obviously you want a guy who doesn't request them. And if all the guys you meet are requesting them, you can either give in and try them out or try to lose weight and have better luck. No matter who admits it or not: I do not know how someone can insist they're happy enough and comfortable with their body and aspire to sex that uses LESS of said body. Sex is about doing as many things as you're capable of that feel good to the other person, and they're expected to do it back.

  3. DISAGREE with the whole discourse surrounding this. People should have sex however they want to! No one should tell a woman or a man for that matter what to do with their body. If a fat girl likes "vanilla sex", that doesnt involve fetish play (squashing,etc) she should find a guy who likes big women and also likes vanilla/non-fetish sex. I am a big woman with a man who likes big women but doesn't like to think of me as some huge bumbling elephant that squashes people. I am happy to use my curves and soft places, but squashing is sorta of demeaning. It is like seeing the fat as something destructive and all consuming. Like having sex for the fat, not for the beauty of the woman. Squashing isn't pretty or beautiful in the eyes of some people (it might be to others) but not to Lyric. SO LAY OFF HER