Friday, January 30, 2009

Why are more older men attracted to big women than guys in their 20s?


In high school, forget it. The unlikelihood of meeting a fat admirer coupled with one ready to allow himself the public humiliation coupled with (believe it!) fat girls saying no to protect themselves from the sadly good odds that it's a joke. Forget it.

Why are more older men attracted or why do more older men admit it? They've presumably evolved beyond the need for approval that gets the upper caste through high school and college and will date you. Sometimes they're scared and settling. Sometimes as a result of maturity they're less picky. But a bunch are genuine chubby chasers, either finally ready to admit it or just realizing. It's either a relaxing of standards or acquiring a taste. And if they've always been into fatties, it means their balls have finally dropped.

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  1. Accurate response. I was an early bloomer though. I kicked the door down at seventeen. There really aren't many people around me that don't know, or find out by some proxy. lol