Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey Aguywholikesfatchicks,

What's the deal with all this fruit business? Why DO straight male FAs seem to like pear shapes soooo much? I get it, but I don't get it. Know what I mean?


This is not an uncommon grumble from fatties lacking in phatties. First: apples are fruits too! To the uninitiated, fat admirers and fatties alike refer to their body types or preferences by a lookalike fruit even more than the average women's magazine. Apple, pear, calabash squash...and like thinnies we have breast men, ass men...except with more kinds. Belly men, thigh guys, even elbow dimple fiends. Follow a BBW message board long enough and you will notice a vocal prerequisite towards pear shapes, and any thinnie (excepting T-Pain of course) knows about the hormonal majority's overarching desire for more T and A. But why is that?

I spoke with Joe Doyle (Joe D. from Vh1's The Pickup Artist), now a "professional pickup artist" himself, about a factor called "replication value" that may answer your question:

"Men and women both key in on very specific attraction switches," Doyle says. "It's evolutionary psychology dealing with survival and replication value. Women key in on survival value. Evolutionarily speaking, if a woman gets pregnant she will want to align herself with a man that will provide her child with the highest percentage of survival. Men key in on replication value. When a woman with big boobs and large hips walks by men will automatically look even if they aren't into that. Big boobs and large hips are physical traits that convey high replication value. This is why we see young women with older men, these men have the means to provide for these women and therefore these 'trophy wives' are attracted to men twice their age."

If this is correct, there's less probability of finding a belly/apple man because so many of us are hardwired to stare at T & A. But I wouldn't fret; fat admirers wouldn't be fat admirers without a healthy appreciation for the gut, and if girls with small boobs can get by in the equally T&A-obsessed thin dating world you will too.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It actually makes me feel better about being apple shaped. :)

  2. Really? It kinda made me feel worse about it...if that were possible.
    Oh nose, my replication valuez!

  3. Interesting results and research. I'll admit I'm a pear-shape fan, but I do not think about replicate value as being the attraction of that feature. I just happen to be attracted to the shape and symmetry of a disproportionate woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm attracted to most women of all shape and size, but I prefer to start with a pear shape. So that makes me a pear fan. Of course though there are always other factors that attract me too. Its a shame studies don't include preference of vocal tonality and other features of people. Anyways awesome blog my friend, keep it up ! I'll be writing a short bit on your blog to spread the word.