Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why does it seem like white guys aren't attracted to black BBWs, unless it is just for sex?


Speaking strictly in stereotypes, they have nothing in common with their objects of desire. Or at least they think. To cite some anonymous dickbrains from a black chick thread on the infamous BBWchan boards:

"older fat black girls like late 20's and 30's are nicer than late teens or early 20's cause they think they are all that n shit. talking from experience"

"I do know what you're saying. I talk to a lot of late-20's/30's-age black women on account of how friggin' hot I find them and most of them are actually quite easy to get along with and engage in conversation. (I'm white.)"

I also found a bit of armchair sociology: "The reason I don't get excited about black BBW is because there are so many of them in real life."

Watching too much Flavor of Love 2 will do that I guess. Even with a black president, a good portion of white America does not know how to approach black people and start a conversation.

Or as another poster said: "Most cannot handle the awesomeness that are black BBWs. As a white male, I absolutely adore them. Nothing gets me going like a set of big chocolate tits and ass to suck and lick on."

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  1. I've no doubt those kinds of guys focus more on the racial bits than they do the fat bits while in bed so, to me this isn't a fat thing, it's a racial thing. Thin black women would ask the same question.

    They aren't interested in a ltr with a black woman cause it's taboo, and taboos are turn ons for some. These kinds of guys - and it doesn't just apply to white guys - will do what they always do and keep a black mistress on the side, no matter her size. There are white guys who are interested in ltr's with black bbws, it's just up to the bbw to be able to tell the difference.