Monday, January 26, 2009

Yo, Guy who likes fat chicks.

Is the attraction to fat girls based purely on the looks, or do you find fat chicks have a certain something else to them on the personality front? Or is a mix of the two?

A fatty who overthinks things.

They have more in the front, period. Um...the folklore you know, "they're better in bed because they're desperate," "give better head cuz they're hungry," and most plausibly "forced to develop a personality and good sense of humor early on to compensate" all make sense in theory and guarantee nothing. Even the one sticking point I came up with, that they'd all have to be pro-fat at least, crumbles because so many of them hate themselves. There are plenty of fat girls I have time for and plenty I can't stand. So they're just like anyone else. I'm in it for the rolls.

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