Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear askaguywholikesfatchicks,

Let me ask the obvious: Why do you like fat chicks? If we're going to start somewhere, it might as well be here.

a fat chick

Why, I'm so glad you asked. But the answer is I-don't-know. It's the same I-don't-know that pubescent boys will tell you after waking up strangely soaked from a night of dreaming about...I don't know, Ashley Tisdale. Or a young bud just discovering how much he likes to suck cock. Or an ambitious size queen taking on her first double penetration. MySpace banners and romanticized memes and in a better world bumper stickers may tell you otherwise...there's "more cushion for the pushin" or "more to love" or that it's softer, more to squeeze, etc. (Which is all true) But the reality is that at some point my body started telling me bigger is beautiful. This is not the norm, but hardly an anomaly. With the convenience of my generation's internet availability, I learned earlier than most that I wasn't alone and dispensed with motives to hide or deny my preference. Having had a few years of experience and wild lovemaking, I can assuredly say I like them best because they give me free calendars.

The real question is why are so many fat admirers in denial. I can't tell you how many guys (or gals) there are like me, and a good portion of them being in the closet makes the numbers even fuzzier. People like the guy who was ready to take my 300 lb. friend's virginity but not to introduce her to his not help themselves, to put it mildly. You see, the way it works is that the more of us that make it known that "um, actually I don't think fat=ugly," the less abnormal your friends would think you. Over half the U.S. is considered DUN DUN "overweight." Someone's fucking all the fatties*. Be a sport and let them know.

*contrary to popular belief, it's not me


  1. Good start off to a good blog!

    My last ex was 220-250 ish I'd say. When I started dating her most of my friends (I had just graduated high school at the time) knew about what I liked from a previous relationship.

    I didn't hide her. Even though it was short lived (About four months), my parents met her, and she came to my house several times for fun. I was happy. ^_^

    I'm not a closed book, but I'm not open either. That's how I think it should be. Yelling it to the world is ok, but I don't think it portrays a good image of the whole concept. the opposite is worse, however, but I think the most important thing is to tell the truth. I ALWAYS tell the truth.

  2. this is so fascinating to me. I'm a fatty myself and frankly have a hard time imaginging that anyone who has/had sex with me (including my husband) has done so out of anything besides plain availability. Especially because everything I see tells me just that.