Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why is an attraction to big women considered a fetish instead of a preference, such as a woman preferring tall men to short or someone preferring blondes to brunettes? And why do some guys have no problem saying their attraction to big women is a fetish?


Because they're idiots? Fat is marginalized by society as a negative, so maybe in that sense it counts as taboo but it's certainly a preference. I would go as far as to claim it's almost a different orientation in itself, which may anger some of my queer friends, but the physical disparities between say, a 400 lb. person and a 140 lb. partner and what an admirer seeks from either is just that rhetorically different. If anyone grumbles, I'd like a casual fan of 400 lb. partners to pipe up. There are fat-related fetishes, and plenty of ways to fetishize body parts themselves, but just dating and fucking fatties in itself is certainly a preference. I split the line of fetish and preference socially; preferences you tell your friends and colleagues openly and nonchalantly, as you would discuss a predilection for blondes. Fetishes you only tell your closest confidantes, if that. And in that regard, plenty of FAs fetishize it themselves by hiding it.

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  1. As someone who is queer and enjoys the fatties, I do think my fat attractions and desires are very similar to my attractions and desires for people of the same gender (or genderqueers). For some reason, this connection pisses a lot of people off. It wasn't that long ago that "homosexuality" was a fetish and/or a pathology caused by a cold aloof mother and an absent father, so I don't think 'fetish' holds water as a legitimate way to define most aspects of fat sexuality. It would be more useful to use the idea of 'taboo' to discuss the more 'fetish-like' behaviors associated with fat attraction.