Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is the biggest/heaviest woman you have been with and did you have difficulty making love to her?

-Kelly Kyle

She was over 500 lbs and I don't recall any difficulty. I've had difficulty with women smaller than that, though.

Lots of not just physical but mental stuff factors into the so-called "difficulty" of fat sex besides size: shape, experience, well- or not-well-exercised muscles, flexibility, creativity...though anyone who's ever had a fat girl on top could probably attest that they seem to gain 300 lbs. immediately afterward.


  1. What the heck does that mean?? "They seem to gain 300lbs immediately afterward." I guess I'm on the wrong end to know being the fat girl on top, but I always feel lighter and way sexier after sex, whether I'm on top or on the bottom. Just my opine...

    BTW: I found your site after reading something about you in the Village Voice. Seems like we update our blogs the same amount, I don't know how the others do it frankly.

  2. I thnk he means that you don't notice the weight at all when she's up there, but rather when you're done you're like, "Oh wow, she IS a big girl!" :o)
    I was confused too, but re-read it and came up with this.