Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My boyfriend likes fat chicks. Very fat chicks. I'm fat, but I'm still much smaller than most girls he's dated (I am about 200 lbs smaller than some of his exes). He's into me physically, but should I be worried that he'll get bored of my size?

On the contrary, I'd say you're in good hands seeing how unlike others in this situation he's actually dated the girls you're worried are his ideal. Without knowing much more, like about how long you've dated (re: if you're his rebound from another relationship), I think it's safe to assume he's experienced size across the board and picked you over someone else. It's possible he still digs the huge gals but maybe has developed less patience for the lifestyle a supersized girlfriend requires, but these are 'what if's. Unless you have a good reason to believe otherwise, if he's dating you, he's into you.

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