Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm a girlfriend of an FA. I came across his porn collection a while ago, and saw that he has pictures of girls who are barely chubby, to really fat. My weight's in the 200s and I'm feeling a bit insecure. Any words of advice?


No one but the superrich has the time, money, social situation, luck, callousness and/or charisma required to make all their fantasies come true. And even the fantasies of the superrich are often forced into the closet to protect the fortune that rests on his/her image.

What I'm saying is, if I have a thing for huge-breasted black girls and I have a thing for pear-shaped white girls, and I'm a strict monogamist, if I end up dating one of those kinds of girls, the other fantasy is going to remain a fantasy. I'm going to jag more often to the kind I can't have, right?

While there are plenty of guys who will only date (or masturbate) to one kind of person, and a decidedly smaller amount of guys who will only masturbate to images of their own partner, I think logic states that if someone already has something great going, it leaves the realm of fantasy, becomes a reality, and they're going to spend their fantasy time with something else instead, because the reality (i.e. access to your sexy self) is now inevitable.

Words of advice? Don't worry about it. And as a human whose body, like all of ours, is always changing, be thankful that he appears to enjoy ladies of all different sizes.

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