Monday, June 7, 2010

How much does fat distribution play into your attraction to fat girls? (i.e. are you into it for the big tits or big asses)


As long as it looks good really. I "discovered" what I was into while looking for progressively bigger and bigger tits online at 12 or 13. Then realized I wanted to see everything big, not just tits. At first (and I think this is true of many FAs) I wanted everything on ideal fat girl bodies to be "perfect," like that big bellies had to be solid, perfect spheres. But over the years my idea of perfection shifted; all the "nuances" of fat girls fit into my mind's logic of attractiveness - that more conventional curves were only logically supplemented by double chins, elbow dimples, hanging stuff. Fat bodies are so unique, in texture, softness, shape - I'm not sure guys into thin girls contend daily with puzzles like double vs. single bellies. The nice thing about this is some girls have big everything (which looks great) and some girls are only big in one or two places, which are accentuated by her being smaller elsewhere (which also looks great). Right now I'm obsessed with my girlfriend's big thighs. Tomorrow I might zero in on something else.

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