Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An ex (let's call him evil ex) told me once that sex with me was "great but not as good as it would be...." I asked, "why" and he explained that he couldn't always get all of the way in because of my fat... that regardless of position he just felt like he wasn't getting enough contact, I guess... I didn't probe more and it has pretty much warped me. I've not been in a long term sexual relationship since then... and that's been about 7 years since we last were together and 8 years since he told me that little factoid. Any info?

Not getting in all the way should be a problem for you, not him, if he knows what to do with a wet penis. Anyway, you regard him as "evil," so don't take your cues from this piece of shit, especially not eight years later. He had issues with your body, someone else will not. Start looking, by all means, and don't quit until you find someone who's sexually compatible.

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