Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OK, here's the biggest issue of most single fat admirers - How does an FA approach a new BBW and show interest in a way that gets past the reservations that have been inbred by our society? I know what my answer has historically been to this question but I'm suggesting you might want to use and reply to it.


O Great Observational One, all I know, if I know anything in my 24 short years is, if you're going to do something, be sincere and be persistent. In romantic cases, triangulate this advice with another good rule of thumb: whatever you do, don't be creepy. Make being the opposite of creepy your main objective. In anything really; coming clean to a girlfriend about your weird fetish isn't actually creepy in itself, do everything in your power to keep that so when communicating. If a girl tells you you are being creepy, heed her words, figure out what you did, and zap it.

That was a half-tangent, half-disclaimer. But yeah, convincing a fat girl you Really Like Her (Who, me? Yes, you!) is the usual social balancing act. Ask her out and be sincere. If she's not yet educated that People Like You Exist OMG, do your best to take responsibility for and not scar her for life and ruin her opinion of us for the next one who comes along. Have a pair and be able to introduce her to your friends or family members, take her to public places, meet your Pilates instructor, whatever the normies do. If you can sustain [{Sincerity + Persistence ÷ Creepy} x Balls = ∑] you will eventually debrick that wall - one of my exes thought for months I was "just being nice." Just don't be reckless. Oh, and defending your fatty's honor when the time arises (and usually it does), is always a good look.

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