Saturday, February 7, 2009


I like fat chicks, too. I'm in NYC and I'm wondering if you or your readers are aware of any strip clubs in the area that feature fat chicks. I'm not talking artsy-ass burlesque shows, either - I want a plain old strip club just like the ones I've been dragged to after bachelor parties thrown by skinny chick loving friends: bad music, creepy guys, odd odors, lap dances, overpriced beer, etc.


As a fellow NYCer who just attended the artsy-ass burlesquerie of Dirty Martini, Miasia and (of course) the World Famous BOB at the grand opening of Re/Dress off Boerum Pl. (and enjoyed it quite a bit), I'm afraid to inform that after the usual Googling (re: research) I remain as stumped as you, my friend. Besides the my bedroom (hurr), the only trade secrets I've got are conventional wisdom: LA and the ATL are your hotspots for, respectively, fatcentric clubs and bigger "normal" strippers, and Nancy Goddess' infamous weekly parties in NYC have T, B and A to spare (I'm living proof - one of the girls in the runway show singled out my pasty face to sink her battleships). Short of hiring your own strippers, your best bet is still - until some master fatty-loving entrepreneur heeds our call - going to the official bashes to achieve viewage of the most fatties in the least clothes. Good luck finding overpriced beer in NYC though.

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  1. You should look for fattygirl nyc, She does strip parties featuring larger strippers. Normally in the bx