Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear aguywholikesfatchicks,

Why do so many FAs seem afraid to ask supersized girls out in person? I always get hit on online, but in person, unless I'm at a BBW bash, it rarely happens. Is it my personality, is my ass just too freaking big, or are many just giant pussies? What's up?


Your ass is just too freaking big, BBM. Nah, we really are giant pussies. It's a great shame that the FA/BBW social dynamic is so one-sided; you ladies deserve a level playing field like the skinnies. Not being able to know who's into what is one of the many tasteless parallels I'll continue to make between fat culture and gay culture, but at least they have rainbows and triangles and leather rocket launchers to clue you in. I'd like to take this space to propose that the chunky plus sign symbol discussed by many a fattylover (including myself and Ms. AnnMarie) officially be put into action finally. I want to see t-shirts, bumper stickers, subway graffiti, completely fagged-out fatties dressed like math problems. Make it so - kthx. People like BBM here would like to know who you are.


  1. Chunky plus size symbol? Would you happen to have an example pic? I'm intrigued.

  2. I tried to find one to link to but it's basically an extra-thick plus sign.