Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it easy for you to tell when a fat woman is feeling insecure upon a first meeting? Have any been able to hide it well, at first?

-Green Eyed Fairy

It's not really hard to tell, but girls can be wily about making their feelings known. I knew she was shy but had no idea how precisely terrified my longest-term ex was when we first kissed - her first ever - until I read about it in a short story she wrote. Of course, "insecure" is hardly limited to girls with panic disorders. Some BBW webmodels I've met are among the most neurotic women I've ever known. That's not a knock on any of them though, just a remind that girls who take their clothes off are human too. Maybe more than most. Anyway, everyone knows it's the guys who hold their exes responsible for their whole miserable lives that are least secure of all.

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