Friday, July 3, 2009

Do thin/average/athletic girls do anything for you?


How much does fat factor into whether you like a girl or not?

-Just Ethel

About as much as being thin factors into how much most guys like a girl I suppose. It's sort of like being around other members of your gender if you're a zero on the Kinsey scale; it's not that you're revolted or find them unattractive so much as it won't even occur to you to think about them sexually at all. With exceptions of course; even "normal" guys fuck a fatty now and then - and don't hate it. A Kinsey zero myself I occasionally notice an exceptionally attractive dude (usually named Rhett Miller) and I occasionally crush on an exceptionally pretty thin girl (does Nigella Lawson count?). I've even dated a few.

Even if the girl was as stunning as a one-chinned organism ever looks, at this point in my life I'd question the long-term prospects of such a relationship. With a sex life devoid of fat asses, I reckon I'd start coveting everyone I see leaving an Ashley Stewart or Wal-Mart. And probably grow to resent the thin girl from standing in the way of my passion/preference/perversion.

And another issue: I identify as a fat admirer and I'm out about it to family, friends, and the various colleagues I'll be tweeting this update to when we go live. I wouldn't be able to just fake being something I'm not, or stop hanging out with my fat community friends, or stop going to BBW events (or stop writing this blog for that matter). And this hypothetical thin girl would have to be extraordinarily understanding to tolerate her boyfriend's participation with a culture she's not obligated to put up with, not to mention the occasional 400+ lb. houseguest. What girl, thin or otherwise, would want to be with someone knowing his attraction is despite her body? And that everyone he knows is aware as well?
Sure I find thin girls attractive. But that pursuit in the long-term would be unlikely indeed.

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